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        1. AcclaimIP


          Existing commercial software is too hard to learn, too expensive, too slow and most of all, too difficult to get to meaningful decision-making information that makes money. Evolve from traditional complex month-long analysis projects to meaningful insights and actionable data today with AcclaimIP.


          We began the AcclaimIP project by completely re-envisioning every aspect of patent analysis. For example, AcclaimIP is a web application, but rather than feel confined to a browser window, it looks and feels more like a desktop or workspace area – our whole design philosophy was about simplicity and shortening the time to getting answers to your key patent analysis questions the first time you use the software.


          We completely reinvented patent investigation with our powerful grids. Before AcclaimIP, existing search results grids were inefficient, showing thousands of hits with no actionable information and no logical next step. Our grids quickly allow you to analyze data along 40+ dimensions – removing hours and hours of off-line spreadsheet manipulation and analysis so typical in IP analysis projects.


          We made it lightening fast. Nobody wants to wait for a result. AcclaimIP is powered by an enhanced version of the hyper-fast Catalyst Engine (revolutionizing data processing and analysis) – you know the one… it powers the FreePatentsOnline.com search engine that, for over 7 years, has supported over 15 million searches per month and is widely considered the gold standard for speed and reliability.

          THINK BIG

          It had to be a true enterprise application, allowing for virtually unlimited number of documents in a research folder, analytics and charting within a folder, folder sharing, comment sharing, and account management features. We made AcclaimIP scalable and feature-rich, allowing you to quickly get your projects done without concern for scale or speed – managing upwards of 100 million full-text documents and serving over a billion visitors – has armed us with the tools and experience to let you think big.


          Charts had to be fully customizable. From a base set of 15 charts, you can create unlimited permutations. You have full control of what each chart looks like. We wanted multi series charts so we can compare two series side by side. We wanted to make full use of complementary data sets such as reassignment data and maintenance events and get real-actionable data on each.

          KEEP IT SIMPLE

          Finally, we knew it had to be easy for the part time researcher, but powerful enough for the full time patent data analyst. Getting started with AcclaimIP is very intuitive and fast.

          Take the free trial and see for yourself!

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