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        1. Lid for a Container

          Exclusion Cage for Use with bird Feeders

          Image of a Silicone Glove

          Television Set


          US Design Patents - Classification and Popularity

          In the United States a design patent can be granted for a "new, original, and ornamental design for an article of manufacture". It may only have a single claim. A design patent lasts for 14 years from the date granted. Design patents MUST be for the design and not the function or utility of an invention.

          Where a design contains both functional and non-functional elements, the scope of the claim will be construed in order to identify the non-functional aspects of the design as shown in the patent.

          Furthermore, the scope is limited to the "overall ornamental visual impression". Designs that are hidden in their end use, or are necessary for the proper functioning of the device are not ornamental and therefore not patentable as a design patent.

          Below are a few examples, as well as an index of the 33 design classes. The column labeled "popularity" shows the relative number of patents in each class with an orange graph:

          D04 Brushware

          Electric Toothbrush
          (Pictured: Electric Toothbrush)
          (Assignee: Braun)
          D06 Furnishings

          Ergonomic Desk Chair
          (Pictured: Task Chair)
          (Assignee: Herman Miller)
          D09 Containers for Goods

          Chewing Gum Tin
          (Pictured: Chewing Gum Tin)
          (Assignee: Starbucks)
          D10 Measuring Instruments

          Seiko Spring Drive Dial
          (Pictured: Watch Dial)
          (Assignee: Seiko Watch Co.)
          D12 Transportation

          Car Dropon Kit

          (Pictured: Automobile body molding kit)
          (Assignee: Veilside)
          D19 Office Supplies

          Duck Financial Transaction Card
          (Pictured: Duck Financial Transaction Card)
          (Assignee: Target)
          D32 Cleaning Machines

          Dyson Invention
          (Pictured: Vacuum Cleaner)
          (Assignee: Dyson)
          D99 Miscellaneous

          Automatic Teller Machine
          (Pictured: Automated Teller Machine)
          (Assignee: Diebold)

          Edible products
          Apparel and haberdashery
          Travel goods and personal belongings
          Textile or paper yard goods; sheet material
          Equipment for preparing or serving food or drink not elsewhere specified
          Tools and hardware
          Packages and containers for goods
          Measuring, testing, or signalling instruments
          Jewelry, symbolic insignia, and ornaments
          Equipment for production, distribution, or transformation of energy
          Recording, communication, or information retrieval equipment
          Machines not elsewhere specified
          Photography and optical equipment
          Musical instruments
          Printing and office machinery
          Office supplies; artists` and teachers` materials
          Sales and advertising equipment
          Games, toys, and sports goods
          Arms, pyrotechnics, hunting and fishing equipment
          Environmental heating and cooling; fluid handling and sanitary equipment
          Medical and laboratory equipment
          Building units and construction elements
          Tobacco and smokers' supplies
          Cosmetic products and toilet articles
          Equipment for safety, protection, and rescue
          Animal husbandry
          Washing, cleaning, or drying machine
          Material or article handling equipment

          Pattern for an embossed wipe

          Image of Soap Dispenser
          Drawing of Soap Dispenser

          Food Container with Side Compartment and Engageable Rim Feature

          Set of Cuttlery
          Cuttlery Set


          Pic of Drawer Organizer
          Drawer Organizer

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